Combine Passion and Life

Ok, so you have your crafts, and you have your passions,  but how do you combine them to improve your life?  Are you truly living your dream life? Ars you creating your crafts for yourself or for others?  Yes, they give you pleasure, but are you getting more than just part time pleasure? Wouldn’t you want to be doing your craft all the time, and getting paid for it?

Over time, I will be providing assistance to you in truly living your passion, thus living the life of your dreams.  Believe me, making these changes are not easy, but they are possible.  I have made many of these changes myself and am finally starting to live the life of my dreams. I continue to craft, am now writing about it here and have other ways of bringing your crafts into your ideal life.

Please stay tuned to learn more about my journey and follow the tips I provide to start moving forward on your own. Feel free to interact with me by commenting below.

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2 thoughts on “Combine Passion and Life

  1. I weave my maille to take my mind off of my troubles. I recently lost my wife when she passed away suddenly in our home. Weaving my maille pieces allows my mind to take a break from the grief. It also inspires me to learn more about my craft and that is always a work in progress. I do sell my pieces but I also give pieces to family members and friends. I am the kind of person that takes a great deal of pride in my work and love the look on people’s faces when I make something new. So, these are the reasons why I weave little metal rings.

    The Wicked Weaver

    • Chris,

      I am sorry about the loss of your wife, but I am glad you are able to find solace in your work. I know how beautiful they are and look forward to seeing more of them. Yes, the look on people’s faces is very often reward enough for creating your work.


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