What is a crafter without the right tools of their trade? Nothing!

How do you keep up with the new products coming out? How do you know if they are suitable for your needs?

This section will be geared to postings and links to new (and not so new) products and tools for the crafts that we do. I will be searching for items to make your projects easier and smoother.

As always, I am always open to having you participate and let me know of any items you have found that you love. Feel free to share with everyone!


I don’t know about you, but I am always looking to increase my knowledge through a variety of sources.  I find wonderful new books, websites and classes to take.  However, very often due to scheduling conflicts or location of the classes, it can be challenging to find something in the area that fits what you are looking for.  What do you do at this point? Find online classes!!  Yes, I know you can find YouTube videos on just about anything.  However, these videos usually are missing out on the personalized attention.

Well, guess what? I have found 2 websites that offer a wide variety of online classes in just about any craft imaginable!  I have actually taken one in the past and really did get a lot out of it.  In the future, I will be taking classes from both sites and will write about them here for you to see first hand.  In the meantime, I wanted to write about them and let you know that they do exist!


The first website is This site offers classes in just about any crafting niche you can find!  Please check it out and sign up for some wonderful classes!


The second website is  This site also offers classes in almost any niche! 



4 thoughts on “Products

  1. I don’t have the time at the moment to take a class but I am holding on to this for the future. Thanks for the info. Will be checking back to see how you liked the classes. Robin

    • Robin,

      I am glad that you are holding on to this! It is definitely something to keep in mind. You never know when the inspiration will strike. I will let you know when I have posted my review of the class I take.


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