What is Your Craft Your Life?

When I first created the website, it was all about crafting and creating your ideal life.  I did not continue with it and have recently decided to revise this site.  Yes, there will be crafting involved, but now, it has evolved and yes, i will be more active on it.

Your Craft Your Life today is a lifestyle site.  Here you will find tips and tricks for living your best life.  I will post hopefully daily updates on my health journey, book reviews, product reviews, recipes, videos, and more.  I will be chronicling my daily workouts, as well as how I feel after them.  You will be party to my improving my life, in the hopes that it will become a guide for you!  Yes, crafting will still be involved, as that is not something I will ever fully remove from my life.  i am a crafter through and through, lol.

To me, creating your best life is the most important thing.  How you get there is all about you, but ultimately, I hope you will learn something from me and my journeys.  I am still about helping you discover your personal passions, whether through crafts or activities.  I still offer my coaching services, and much more.  I look forward to having you join me on this journey of self discovery!

What Your Craft Your Life was originally about:

Your Craft Your Life is not just another crafting site. My goal is to provide information on new ideas and techniques to spark crafters thoughts. I will be providing reviews of books, tools, sites, intervews with crafters, incredible new products, as well as discussions on my own crafting obsessions! As I discover new things, I will provide commentary on my own progress with them.supplies

Your Craft Your Life will also help crafters discover their own personal passions, and allow them to narrow down their crafts to manageable bites. This will be done through my coaching program, which will assist all crafters in truly creating their own, individual ideal life, with crafts as the center.




4 thoughts on “What is Your Craft Your Life?

  1. My passion is the weaving of rings of metal into beautiful pieces of jewelry, or weaving maille (better known as chainmail). I have been weaving maille on and off for nearly 38 years now. In the beginning I made armor to use in actual combat when I was a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the SCA. About five years ago I switched from making armor to making my jewelry and other items from maille. At the moment I do not have a website but will in the future.

    The Wicked Weaver.

    • Chris,

      The move from one aspect to another is not uncommon. While I am sure the armor was wonderful, it can also be time consuming and not as available to everyone. Switching to jewelry and other designs, you have opened yourself up to a whole new market, one that is accessible to everyone. As for a website, often that is what takes the most time. Personally, I look forward to seeing you progress to your work being available to all.


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