Crafting4Cause – Adding Meaning to Your Crafts

Crafting4Cause, what is it and what does it mean to you? How does it add meaning to your crafts?

Why we craft

As crafters, writers, photographers, etc, we perform our craft with something specific in mind.  It might be a completed work, or it might be the pleasure someone gets when they receive the gift we created with our own hands.  However, for most of us, we get pleasure from the creation and even more in seeing the work to completion. Other than giving the gift or selling the product, what else do we get from it?

Personally, I always feel a sense of satisfaction when I complete any project, regardless of the medium used.  I do a variety of crafts, so have many different mediums in my arsenal.  Many of you use only one or two.  Think about what you personally get from completing a project.  Now, add another element to it, and what do you think happens?


Crafting for a cause, is creating an item that benefits a specific cause.  It could be anything that is near and dear to your heart.  Me, personally, I have wanted to create quilts or jewelry to benefit thyroid, lung, liver and breast cancer.  However, since my quilting skills are not as good as I would like, I have not done that as of yet.  I also have close connections with the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network and now more recently the Chron’s and Colitis Foundation.  I am hoping in the near future to be able to create items that I can sell to send the proceeds to these wonderful organizations.

One of the largest Crafting4Cause items, that many of us are familiar with is the Pink Quilting project to benefit breast cancer awareness.  This quilting program has been done in so many states and the quilts are truly works of art. Remember, there is not one right way to create a quilt such as this.  However, there are some guides that might help you along your way, if you decide to participate.

For more information on this project, here is a book that discusses it and provides step by step patterns to create several items that can be indexused to donate to breast cancer support groups.

Remember that this is only one way to craft4cause.

Adding Meaning to your Crafts

How does this add meaning to your crafts? For me, it adds meaning because the finished product can either be given to someone who is dealing with this illness or being used to raise money for research and recognition. For me, the organizations I mentioned above hold personal meaning.  My son has a severe food allergy and also suffers from colitis.  Thus, both organizations could benefit from donations to help fund research and to spread awareness. The thyroid, lung, liver and breast cancer have all affected family members, which is why they are important to me and the crafts I might create definitely have the added meaning.

How can you create something that will benefit others and add more meaning for you?  I would love to hear from you as to what ideas you can come up with.


4 thoughts on “Crafting4Cause – Adding Meaning to Your Crafts

  1. The only type of crafting I do is building my online biz if that counts? LOL.

    But I do have 2 friends who put their skills to the test and they make some pretty good things 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on crafting for a cause and this will give people some ideas.


    • Neil,

      Yes, even your online business counts, lol. Especially if it will benefit those in need!

      Thank you for your comment about your friends. Please send them here to my site! I love to connect with other crafty people!


  2. What a thoughtful post. I feel that sense of satisfaction after I have completed writing whatever piece of content I have been working on. If you know that your work/craft will touch others, it gives you a sense of warmth and empowerment.

    Our art is one of the many ways in which to connect with the world, and perhaps it is one of the most far-reaching and potent. Quilting and crafts are not just hobbies, they are expressions of the self that have the potential to change lives.

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